MOSA Objectives

  • To strengthen the connection between the school and its old students
  • To seek and advise on ways of improving the standards of education
  • To provide career guidance and motivation to current pupils
  • To assist school leavers (MOSA members) gain a foothold in their chosen trades and professions
  • To support MOSA members in business, education, sport, as well as in other life endeavors

Social responsibility

The best scholarships tend to be highly competitive. That’s because thousands will score similarly good grades at O and A level, and therefore, to succeed, you will need to have something else that sets you apart from the rest. Social responsibility is a common feature;

Exhibit 1: Joshua Nkomo Scholarships (the Joshualites);

Exhibit 2: Rhodes scholarships;

Exhibit 3: MasterCard Foundation Scholarships:

It’s very simple to satisfy this requirement.Volunteer at an orphanage, hospital or old peoples home. You ca just volunteer for an hour a day – serve lunch, do some cleaning, read books to kids, teach reading skills etc. All of those things count.


Scholarships for international students

This list will be edited/updated whenever new information is available.

University of Westminster, UK

University of Oxford, UK

Lund University, Sweden