MOSA Objectives

  • To strengthen the connection between the school and its old students
  • To seek and advise on ways of improving the standards of education
  • To provide career guidance and motivation to current pupils
  • To assist school leavers (MOSA members) gain a foothold in their chosen trades and professions
  • To support MOSA members in business, education, sport, as well as in other life endeavors


This is an association of Marist Old Students helping develop and change the world for a better place. We have leaders who help inspire young people into becoming the pinnacle of the future. We thank Marist for the guiding us into becoming better people.


the old times

when you are a form one at Marist you would think as if you are in hell or something but in actual fact, you are in a safe place. the people around you- the students, teachers and the rest of the staff members actually are molding you to be a better person who would have an influence to the rest of the world. When you have ended your journey and joining the rest of the world you would be an actual, unique person.



How I love Marist. Am where I am today because Marist was once a home to me…the school might not be as attractive as one would imagine, but its products are more than important to the country or the world as whole…Come to think of all the big names in Zimbabwe’s political, education, entertainment, defence and security such as Philip Valerio, Ashley Morgan, Herbert Nkala, Felix F Moyo, Jacob Mudenda, you can name them these are all products of Marist…


Pioneering is always different and difficult

When Marist brothers introduced A level in 2015 the million dollar question was “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” a pioneer. It was never an easy decision to make but I had to decide TO BE. It was not an easy journey but by God’s grace and the hard work of our loving teachers we made it through.2018 now and the second group has also come and go raising the school flag with bright flying colors making our Marist the best school among other schools.





never acccept the definition of life from others, it is your life, define it yourself.. have a vision, a dream!! Enjoy every single moment of being alive. Dont be influenced by someone else to do what you dont like. live a simple life.