Supporting MOSA members

Why support MOSA members?

Many have talents, skills, brilliant ideas and desires to do something, but simply fail to realise their full potential because they lack that initial something to set them up.

Yes, the world is not an even playing field – and it will never be. We need each other.

If you don’t share your experience with the next person, she/he will have to make the same mistakes that you made in order to get to where you stand. That is, if she/he ever makes it!

There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone who needs your help! Even if you have never met that person before.

Imagine what it must feel like knowing that this person is ex-Marist! Or even a non-Maristian little brother or sister to a former classmate! That is our spirit.

Here are some ways in which we can support each other;

Life in general

  • Mentorship and career advice: So crucial, yet very badly catered for. Many good people have gotten lost after receiving a fantastic education – but no career advice.
  • Help during hardship: Everyone will encounter some difficulty. We need to be there for each other.
  • Accommodation: Wouldn’t you appreciate some friendly company and accommodation when travelling or in a new city or country?
  • Orientation: We are now scattered around the world. Wouldn’t it help if you got someone to show you around and to make sure you are fine?

In Business

  • Start-ups: Well, everyone has got to start somewhere.
  • Networking: Making the right connections is crucial to business success. A friend might have a friend, who knows a friend’s friend, who has the skill you need to finish your killer product!
  • Buy MOSA: You can support a MOSA member by buying from their shop or engaging their business.
  • Hire MOSA: Need to employ someone? Why not get a MOSA member to fix your car, do your accounts, or fit a new kitchen.

In Education

  • Old books and past exam papers: Those old textbooks you no longer need, and the past exam papers you obviously have no use for? OMMBD members did this very well (Fletcher High School).
  • Tutorship: Well, do we need to explain this one?

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  1. Networking Opportunities: I suggest that those running businesses must use our planned June 2012 trip to Marist as an opportunity to showcase thier Products or services ..

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