Bakery donations

The School Bakery (US$12,000 or GBP7,500)

Please help us raise funds for the purchase and installation of a bakery facility at Marist.

The bakery will be run by the school, on behalf of the Association, for the benefit of the school.

The bakery will not subsidise school fees, but will sell to the school to generate funds that will be used to develop and future-proof the school.

  • Boarding school: Marist Dete is a boarding Secondary school with 514 active and growing boys and girls. Bread is in high demand and forms a significant part of the school’s diet.
  • Isolated: Marist is located on the edge of the Hwange National Park, 68km from Hwange and 300km from Bulawayo. All bread is currently ‘imported’ from Bulawayo (300km), with the need for daily deliveries making the process a lot more costly.
  • Marist have identified the installation of a bakery at the school as a potential ‘game changer‘.
  • Marist already offer ‘Food & Nutrition‘ classes and will thus easily adapt to the new acquisition.
  • Achieving self-sufficiency with a self sustaining project: The facility will maintain itself.
  • Funding other solutions: funds raised will go towards the acquisition of other sustainable solutions such as solar power for lighting.

Thank you for your help. Please spread the word – and help us reach our goals sooner!


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