Free fundraising

Raise funds for MOSA – at no cost to you! How?

Through partnerships with organisations that are happy to share income generated from sales to anyone we refer to them. Yes, that’s you, your friends, and anyone else who chooses us as the referrer. Note that these are the same companies that you will reach by searching google, yahoo or bing.

Savings? You get to benefit from online deals, which are often better than what you get if you visited the shop in person.

You will be directed to their website to make your bookings, and they will simply say thank you to us. These organisations include big name companies that you deal with every day!

It is essential that you (the shopper) visit those companies via the links we provide, otherwise we won’t be registered as having referred you to them. So, we will miss out!

The products on offer will include:

  • Forex / currency exchange (Travel money, Money transfers, etc)
  • Travel (Flights, Hotels, Car hire, Holidays)
  • Insurance (Life insurance, Travel insurance, Auto insurance / car insurance, Buildings, contents, and mortgage insurance
  • Communication: Mobile phones, cheap calls, calling cards, etc
  • Home things (Printer ink)

As some companies require niche specific websites to partner with, we are developing an e-commerce specific MOSA website for this.

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