Quotes and statements to rally the crowd

An effort towards helping Marist Brothers Dete

So far, 40 of us have expressed that we “like” the MOSA website (mosadete.org), or rather, that we ‘like’ something on the site (hopefully the message and mission). There are 7 supportive comments from 3 or 4 people.

Well done to those who have taken their time to vote (like), tweet, and most of all, hats off to those who have left a comment.

There are 750 ex Marist people (MOSA members) on one of the mMOSA Dete Facebook groups. And there are regular contributors to that page. Thats a good thing.

Dear Friends. Are we willing to help our school?

Why is it that we seem so unwilling to support our school, even with small gestures such as mentioning the MOSA effort on Facebook, twitter, etc? We seem unprepared to discuss issues such as the development of our school. How many of us have mentioned MOSA on Facebook? What exactly is the reason behind this apathy?

Good friends, we have amongst the goup, a number of people who are keen and ready to help, but would like to know how. There are people who will help the group achieve great things, provided we are all seen to be working together. Its not a one person job. Its for us all.


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