MOSA joint venture projects (business)

A ‘For Profit’ initiative taking advantage of our new cooperative spirit, our diverse skills, and our strength in numbers.

To be eligible, you:

  1. must have paid your MOSA membership fee of US$25 (all goes to Marist projects)
  2. should have registered your details at
  3. should be able to contribute some funds/capital (will depend on final numbers involved).

Details of business plans will be availed (in stages) only to those proceeding. A business agreement will be drafted, with the relevant team deciding & agreeing terms of reference.

You will need to ring-fence funds and be ready to make your contribution once satisfied with the security and the project plan as a whole.

FAIRNESS to all: Those who get in at the start will share the risks, and should enjoy any benefits. Those who choose to ‘wait and see’ should not expect to be able to join once the project is up and running.

Deadline for ‘Expression of Interest’: 12/07/2012 (we need to get moving). This is a ‘definite’: Get in touch!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A great journey has begun.

On the 9th of June 2012, we took a giant step. We did it for our school, and for our membership. And we did it during a special year too: 2012 is the 40th Anniversary year for our school!

The full report will follow soon … but the journey must continue …

One of the post launch discussions has centered around developing our new found cooperative spirit and starting to work together more productively. An arm of MOSA, where we work together collaboratively, in partnerships, joint ventures, etc. A platform where we could also help each other with everything including mentorship, employment/job seeking, survival tips, etc.

This would not only help advance the economic prospects of our own membership, but will allow more of our members to give back to the school.

Our strengths:

  • our numbers (we can share risks),
  • our diversity (collectively, we have ideas and nearly every skill we will need, and also have someone in every sector), and
  • a strong and unbreakable bond (only found at Marist)!

With that single step taken on the 9th of June 2012, began a great journey!

It is in our hands – its the natural next step!

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