MOSA Mach 1: The Stop – Starts

MOSA was officially launched in the 2000s, but ran into operational difficulties, as well as suffering from an unexplained level of apathy from exMaristians at the time. MOSA could not take off as well as had been hoped. Recent internet discussion boards have even included the question of whether ‘MOSA should be laid to rest’ (Graduates 2010)!

Have we heard that before? Yes indeed. MOSA’s launch followed in the footsteps of OMMBD (1988 – 1994). OMMBD faced a different set of difficulties: OMMBD was formed by mostly UZ based Maristians, and was based and operated from the UZ. When the founding and earlier members left, OMMBD all but ceased to function.

We have learnt a lot from past problems! The relaunch should succeed!



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