MOSA mini-projects

One Step At A Time: Simple tasks – big impact. It won’t cost you a penny!

Wikipedia: taking control of information about our school!

To expand and improve the Marist Brothers Dete page on Wikipedia.

Who: All of us

Why: It is our responsibility to do so.

How: Find out all you can about the school and either submit to this website (leave a comment) or go straight to Wikipedia and edit.

MOSA website: Let us start talking!

To expand and improve this website, and use it to have constructive discussions

Who: All of us

Why: It is the best place to discuss serious issues. We (MOSA) have more control here than any of us can ever have on FB. Hot issues won’t be buried by juicy gossip!

How: Do you have something useful to say about Marist, MOSA, etc? Just login and write about it, or leave a comment and we will add it.

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