Registrations – summary of additional info received

Skills you might offer to MOSA &/or Marist (E.g. Fund raising, Publicity, Etc)

  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Physical work
  • Everything
  • Networking
  • Academic assistance
  • Assist in funding in critical areas needing attention at the school
  • Funding of marist quiz competitions
  • Assisting on academic matters and other critical areas needing our attention
  • Fundraising
  • Project Management
  • Possible donors
  • Web Development
  • What ever you might need from me, am available
  • Environmental Management
  • Health and Environmental issues
  • Electrical installations
  • Website
  • Career guidance

Other Comments

I will always cherish that school as it brightened my future.

Currently I’m doing nothing in life .. I promise to donate or give something to my school as soon as I’m financially stable.

together we can make Marist the best school in Zimbabwe

i wish the organising team well in all coordinating activities. let your vision become reality for the growth of the school.

Keep up the good spirit

Great to be part of the big family once gain!!

GOD be with us all

l like this initiative….

Wow happy to be here

Thank u 4 รจ web guys. Lets do it for our beautiful school. Thats our foundation remember.

i just love Marist

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