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From: Maureen Stewart MBE, Manager, British Council;


Following the success of Connecting Classrooms, British Council is launching a new education programme, Schools Online. The aim is to begin by ‘twinning’ schools with partners elsewhere, and then to develop this into a mutually beneficial educational programme.

Any school, primary or secondary, may apply to take part in ‘eTwinning’ and there will be a selection of schools to go further.

Obviously it is best if the school has internet connectivity, but this is not compulsory at the initial stage. We recommend that a school registers with an official school email address, rather than the name of a teacher. That is because teachers move from school to school, often taking passwords and email details with them, and we want to establish permanent links with these schools.

I am trying to spread the word as widely as possible. Please pass this on to any teachers, headmasters or PTA members you know.

At this stage this is new to me as well, but please check the website for full details. There is also a button at the top of the home-page to click for a free monthly newsletter. This is open to anyone interested, and to receive this you may use your personal email if you wish.

All good wishes,

Maureen Stewart MBE, Manager

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