The School Bus

The school bus: What shall we do?

UPDATE: no help required – see answer at the bottem of this article

Selected FB Comments & Suggestions:

  • look closely, akula amawindow. head on accidnt le gonyeti
  • Jesus! It looks like a prison truck!
  • I think its high time the school buys a bus and do away with those funny trucks.
  • How about a 2nd hand ex-Japan bus?
  • Would the school consider that option?
  • Shall we discuss at the June MOSA event?
  • What else? Share your thoughts – leave a comment

Useful information

Duty free rebates for schools?

“I would advise that in the event that we manage to get a quote, the school applies for a rebate letter from the ministry of education. The permant secretary Dr Stephen Mahere issues those to schools willing to import goods or vehicles for educational use. This would enable us to import the bus duty free”

Japanese vehicles sites

UPDATE (March 2012)

  1. The school have another truck that replaced this one
  2. They are in the process of purchasing a 30 seater bus ($81,000). They have the $41,000 deposit that will allow them to receive the bus. They will then pay $10,000 per term (4 installments).

The issue therefore does not need external help, except if we are helping them save on interest charged.

2 thoughts on “The School Bus

  1. So when did this fundraising begin? i will def add some cash on that account. Great idea guys jus market it as much as u can.

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