Toilet kits donation from St David’s Marist Inanda

Toilet kits donation from St David’s Marist Inanda: Thank You!

Our school, Marist Brothers Dete, recently received a substantial donation of toilet kits to help upgrade systems currently in use at the school. The acquisition of these items was kindly funded by pupils, parents and staff of St David’s Marist Inanda school in Johannesburg South Africa. Thank you!

toilet kits thankyou

We also wish to thank all of the other players who facilitated all logistics, including getting the delivery to Hwange for eventual pick up by the school.

  • Builderswarehouse – South Africa
  • Astiz (PVT)  LTD – Zimbabwe

Thank you all for your kindness.

Thank you for supporting our association (MOSA Dete) in our efforts to improve our school.

Thank you St David’s Marist Inanda (South Africa) for your tireless efforts towards making Marist Dete a better place for young people to live, learn, and develop. Your kindness is most appreciated.

Thank you to the Marist Brothers Dete Headmaster and her team for the key roles played in facilitating the delivery of the donated items. Thank you too for supporting this work.

Well done MOSA SA, MOSA Byo, and everyone else who actively supports this work. Together we will achieve more.

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