9th of June Summary (STATEMENTS): Fundraising via the MOSA website

Free Fundraiser

The MOSA DETE website has fundraising tools that need support by members. An example is a system for international calls for overseas members where MOSA will get at least $25 for every customer who signs up.

The customer gets 5 minutes for a free international call (to test drive the system). It’s a win-win system and MOSA members are encouraged to recommend this to friends and family overseas via facebook, twitter, email, etc. www.mosadete.org/fundraising-ideas/.

This is free fundraising, and will not be available forever.


MOSA structures

The meeting resolved to keep the currently existing MOSA DETE ‘structures’, functionalities, and arrangements. This is essential not just for maintaining momentum, but also in view of our being a completely voluntary, member-driven association that is yet to establish firm and legal structures.

As has been the practice so far, anyone who is willing will be incorporated into the organising team.



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