World Humanitarian Day: 19 August 2012 – I WAS HERE

A Special International Event: Why Not Do Something Special for Marist

  • Made it: 1 billion people reached. Thanks Beyoncé, the UN, and the world community for World Humanitarian Day 2012.
  • Be part of it: ‘I WAS HERE’.
  • Its just the beginning!

To make a real difference, we need the whole world to take notice, so we need to shout it loud, all at once ….” UN SG, Ban ki-moon.

We encourage our members, friends & families to join us and visit:

  1. On that page, please Click ‘Show Your Support’.
  2. Then choose to support via Twitter and Facebook – and enter a message for friends and fans.
  3. On Aug 19, we will watch as everyone’s messages are simultaneously shared around the world.
  4. We will then make our mark by doing something special for Marist: ‘I WAS HERE’.
Looking for ideas?

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