The MOSA Dete Constitution

MOSA Dete Constitution

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Emphasizing every member’s place as ‘role models’ to current students, for the avoidance of conflict with the school, for the prevention of discrimination of any kind, and for the avoidance of corrupt behavior amongst members.

General principles

  • MOSA Dete shall be a non-political and non-partisan organization.
  • MOSA Dete shall seek a seat in the Marist Dete School Board and shall be represented by the President/Chairperson or other delegated individual.
  • Members will not involve in conduct that is likely to tarnish the image of the Association or the school.
  • MOSA members will be expected at all times to act responsibly and be positive role models for the current students as well as for society at large.
  • MOSA Dete will at all times observe the ultimate authority of the mother body, the school, and as such, will remain loyal to the school and its leadership, as well as the school board.
  • Members will bear no special authority on Marist Brothers Dete school matters, unless authorized by the school.
  • Members, even if employed by the school, will at all times and on all MOSA related matters (and without exception) remain subservient to the school authorities.
  • Where present in any MOSA gathering (or similar event), the School Headmaster or Principal (or anyone acting on their behalf), will at all times outrank any MOSA Members on all issues including views on the appropriateness of members’ conduct, etc.

Non-interference policy

  • Members will not knowingly interfere with the running or operations of the school, the school board, contractors and businesses dealing with the school, or any others who the school chooses to associate with. This applies within or outside of school grounds. Advice may be given only if invited by the school.
  • Members will not interfere with the operation of any items (including money and equipment) that have been handed to the school by the association. Advice or help may be given as and when requested by the school.
  • Concerns about any issues will be reported as appropriate, to authorities in accordance with the laws of the country.

Conduct on school grounds

  • When on school grounds, members will strictly adhere to the same school rules that govern current students, unless expressly permitted to do otherwise by the school Head, Deputy Head, or other relevant authority or person acting under authority of the Head.
  • Members will not drink alcoholic drinks, appear drunk, smoke tobacco, take drugs, or engage in any other activities that may be inappropriate from a cultural, traditional, legal, religious (or any other) point of view, whilst on the school’s public areas, or anywhere where such behaviour may be seen or noticed by students (including outside the school grounds).

Conflict of interest

  • All MOSA office bearers will declare any interests in businesses, groups, (or other ventures) that are likely to lead to (or to be seen or viewed as having) a conflict of interest. This will include membership or strong beliefs that may affect or influence the discharge of MOSA duties and functions.
  • Failure to declare such interests risks censure, which could include suspension or dismissal from the position, +/- suspension or termination of membership.

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