ANNIVERSARY DATE: For practical purposes, we celebrate our anniversary on the first Saturday after Champagnat’s Day. This year it will be on Saturday 10th of June 2017! 
SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY: its 5 years since our official launch. Each of the last five years has had something notable done, as discussed on our various platforms; our facebook group wall (, on our facebook page (, and right here on our website ( Small things and small steps – they all add up. WELL DONE EVERYONE!
2017 THEME: The theme for our celebration this year (and maybe for the next five years) will be based around strengthening our MARIST CONNECTIONS. There are no specific rules – it is up to each of us to make an effort to reconnect with the school and/or Marist Dete community (past and present – students, teachers, other staff, etc).

Connected through shared memories: As part of an effort to encourage this connectedness, we are asking everybody to please post/share photoes and messages that show a connection with Marist Dete (the school) and/or the Marist community (current and former students, teachers, other staff). Examples could be;

  • Pictures of you and friends at Marist or attending a Marist related or themed function/event,
  • Pictures from a chance meeting with other Marist connected,
  • Pictures or stories from friends or groups working together on some projects, where a connection with Marist was instrumental in developing the idea or project (such as skills gained at marist, friendships/common bond shared, etc.
  • Pictures of memorable things around the school grounds (the buildings, trees, sports grounds).
  • Etc!

Get posting – preferably on Facebook. Send us a message if you are not on Facebook or if you prefer to have your photoes or stories posted to the website.

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