A Special Edition of OASIS Chronicles

The ‘MOSA Commissioned’ Special Edition of OASIS Chronicles

Production of the MOSA commissioned Special Special Edition of OASIS Chronicles is underway.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for helping raise the funds needed to get this off the ground.


2011 Issue of OASIS Chronicles

This Special Issue will mark:

a) Our school’s 40th Anniversary Year (1972 – 2012)

b) MOSA Dete Official Launch (planned for the 9th of June 2012)

This issue will feature proceedings and photoes from the event on the 9th of June 2012


Distribution plan: Please discuss ….

The magazine will be sold to ex-students, parents, and anyone out there who wishes to support our school.

We plan to have an electronic (PDF) distribution as well.


Towards sustainability

Funds raised through the sale of this publication will go towards the development of a printing facility at the school!


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