Best Schools: Do alumni associations mater?

Yes, we do. The Alumni Association is the most important of them all (1)!

The strength and active reach of the old boys and old girls associations and networks of the schools, especially as they;

  • act through re-unions,
  • financial donations to the school,
  • alumni websites
  • newsletters.

The rationale: ‘… there is no better way a school’s impact on students is better felt than in the degree of loyalty maintained after the students leave the school…’


Thankfully, this is in our hands. Yes we can, (if we wish) make our school great!

Although our Marist Brothers Dete is not in the Top 100 in Africa, 2012 promises to be a great year for our school. We are certainly on the right track;

  • Re-unions: The MOSA Event – planned for the 9th of June 2012!
  • Financial donations to the school: Very much in our plans – God (Is) Willing!
  • Alumni websites: This website as well as a new one to be launched very soon!
  • Newsletters: The OASIS Chronicles Special Edition will be the first of many things to come!


You do not want to be left out! Register your details ASAP!

  • Get involved in discussions and planning: on this site, and on Facebook
  • Spread the word: share the information with your friends


(1) Africa Almanac: Africa’s Top 100 schools

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