OASIS Chronicles: The School Magazine

OASIS Chronicles started in 2001, and was produced annually until 2007 when economic difficulties faced by the country forced production to stop. Following dollarization, the publication was restarted in 2011, thanks to a loan of around $300 advanced by the school.

During production of the 2011 issue, high printing costs led to last minute trimming of material, a situation that was not ideal as many articles and photoes that were due to be featured were now left out. Final production costs stood at $11 per copy, which was seen as expensive, and led to the magazine being priced at $12, giving a very tiny profit margin requiring very good sales to break even.

The issue went on to receive less than overwhelming support from parents, with those whose children were featured providing enthusiastic support, while those whose own missed out didn’t: This was understandable, but bad news for the magazine. With many copies remaining unsold, the project faced an uncertain future.

Meanwhile, the children remained undeterred: they continued to write pieces, all unsolicited. These continue to land on the teacher’s desk, in the hope that they will make it to the next issue of their beloved OASIS Chronicles publication: if that is ever realised.

It’s contagious: Other schools that saw the 2011 issue have indicated their desire to do the same at their schools. They have sought advise on how to go about it. Clearly, there is something good there!

Its love at first sight: We saw it – and we loved it right away. We believe it to be worth more than double the current price. We bought off the remaining copies, and gave some to a few lucky members.

It’s for a ready market: This much loved production should sell well to former students (MOSA members – ourselves) and parents. As for parents, it is essential that all pupil photoes are included (e.g. class photoes). That should not be a problem at all: the last issue had all Form 4s, all on one page. Four pages = all classes.

It’s an opportunity for advertising: MOSA members and non-members could advertise their businesses and services for a fee!

The ‘MOSA Commissioned’ Special Edition

This was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. We requested (commissioned) the production of a Special Edition this year. The excuse: to mark our school’s 40th Anniversary Year.

Response: the editorial team got to work straight away, collating and compiling articles. The process has thus begun. We look forward to the magazine.

Distribution plan: Please discuss ….

  • Open for discussion (by all MOSA members – the prospective customers)
  • We provisionally agreed on electronic (PDF) distribution to cut on printing costs.
  • People will pay a fee for their full colour PDF.
  • The school still wish to print some copies for themselves (this is a much loved production).

How you can get involved

  • We await costings, but plan to spend less than $500 for the production, including a few hard copies.
  • Let us know if you wish to share the costs. Minimum contribution $1 per person – no maximum (left overs go towards the printing facility – see below).
  • You can leave a message and we will organize money collection and transfer to the school. The school head will be able to confirm receipt of funds.

Towards sustainability – developing a local printing facility

  • The school would benefit greatly from having a suitable printing facility so that they can print their own hard copies, as well as copies to sell to parents. This facility can be used by external interests, such as other schools that have already indicated a desire to produce their own magazines, as well as businesses wanting to print fliers and other advertising materials.
  • Funds for a printing facility: funds raised through the sale of the upcoming publication, advertising space (if this happens), plus donations, will go towards the development of a printing facility at the school, (including the purchase of suitable equipment).

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