MOSA Zim Interim Committee: Meet The Team

The MOSA Zim Interim Committee and members of the Core Group

Objective: To build MOSA DETE local (Zimbabwe) structures. The team will;

  • Co-opt new members to the  interim committee & core group.
  • Draft, discuss and approve a MOSA Zim constitution (Interim)
  • Open and operate a MOSA Zim bank account that will link members and MOSA branches to the mother institution – Marist Brothers Dete.
  • Fill committee positions as required.
  • Coordinate MOSA projects (or delegate tasks to members)
  • Set and drive the MOSA agenda.

Meet the team members:

The Group’s Base: Bulawayo

  • Based at NUST and Bulawayo Polytech: with external help as required.
  • A single base is key to coordinating activities, especially at this critical formative stage.
  • The team are very keen to hear from anyone who shares their enthusiasm, believes in the MOSA DREAM, and is willing to work for the success of the group. Please get in contact.

Other key centres: Zim places we believe to have large numbers of MOSA members;

  • Vic Falls: Amina Atwabi will work together with the Byo team, establish Vic Falls and Hwange structures, and coordinate with groups from other Zim centres.
  • Hwange: Please get in touch with Amina – or leave a message on this site.
  • Harare: Any takers? Please get in touch with Amina or any of the members named above – or leave a message on this site.


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