The March Visit Report: General Information

During a recent visit to Marist Brothers Dete, we were able to speak to various members of staff, including the Acting Head, the Deputy Head, the teachers and non teaching staff. We also spoke to the school kids, mostly the Form 4s.

We took plenty of photographs which we have shared on Facebook and on this website.

We have already met with some MOSA members (in Zim and SA) and discussed several issues that came out of this visit. We agreed on the way forward, including:

  • The establishment of a Zim Interim committee to drive the Zim side of business (MOSA core business). See Zim Interim Committee: Meet The Team article.
  • Establishing a formal membership registration process: See MOSA Registration.
  • That we like OASIS Chronicles: the School Magazine, and we want it to continue.
  • That innovation should be supported.
  • That sustainability should be at the centre of most of what we do for the school (accepting that some things are still valuable and should be done, even if not self-sustaining).
  • That as members of MOSA, we work as a team, under one umbrella. This includes better coordination of efforts addressing any areas that we identify as needing attention.
  • Etc. (more later)

The key reports:


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