Form 4s request: Talent promotion

As suggested by the current Marist Form 4 class (class of 2012)!

When the current Form 4s (the class of 2012) were asked about what roles they wanted for an old students association that they will be part of next year, they had a lot to say!

One of the popular suggestions was the promotion of talent, both back at the school and after school (school leavers). We are keen to take this challenge up and look for ways of promoting talent, both at the school and amongst our members (former Marist Brothers Dete students).

Incidentally, a lack of ‘promotion of talent’ while at the school was also raised by one of the MOSA members during a discussion around the formation of the Association.

What areas can an Association of Old Students help in? Business, entertainment (music etc), art, writing, sports, other creative areas, etc.

Ways in which you can help promote the talent of another MOSA member:

  • Sharing ideas: Sharing ideas and information that can help a member access whatever is out there
  • Networking: Absolutely key for anyone trying to carve a career out, especially of a somewhat unusual area. Those who know people in the field may help by introducing a member to the movers and shakers in that world.
  • Start ups: Outright direct help with grants and/or loans, through to partnerships to help members get started.
  • Free promotion: Through the MOSA Dete website and Social networks (Facebook groups and twitter): We can feature and promote whatever members are doing.
  • Buy MOSA: In the event that one has a choice between buying a product made by a MOSA member, and that made by another?.

What next?

  • If you think you may benefit from this, please get in touch and let us know what you do, and perhaps suggest how you believe we could help your talent.
  • We will keep an eye out for what members are already doing, and and promote their work.
  • Just leave a message on this website, or send an email to

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  1. i am rather keen on keeping the flame of my former school burning.As a former sports prefect for 2011 i believe that i can contribute to the growth and development of my mother school if we get exposure also referring to others with the same intentions,all respect shown to the Brothers for keeping the motto of our school

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