ORGANS OF MOSA DETE AND THEIR FUNCTIONS: Functions of the Executive Committee



2) In the execution of its functions, the Executive Committee shall –

  • serve as a policy and executive group to facilitate the work of MOSA Dete between meetings of the General Assembly, and to take such actions and policies of the General Assembly;
  • serve as an advisory and planning body for MOSA Dete of projects and any other reports submitted to the Executive Committee and issue appropriate directions for compliance by the competent organs or officers of MOSA Dete;
  • consider and approve proposals by the President to appoint a Committee to perform special tasks;
  • consider the budget of MOSA Dete before it is presented to the General Assembly;
  • appoint auditors of MOSA Dete;
  • receive and consider auditor’s reports and audited accounts, and financial statements relating to the accounts of MOSA Dete presented by the Treasurer General; and
  • receive, consider and draft a resolution for any issue or question for determination and in respect of which this Constitution makes inadequate or no provision for its resolutions. Such a draft resolution shall be presented to the General Assembly for approval.


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